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About GFG Philly


The owner and operator of GFG, Dimitri “Jimmy” Gouliaberis, grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece until moving stateside as a teenager. Jimmy spent his time in the states dreaming of the modernization of his Father’s pizza restaurant and of the West Philadelphia/University City area, generally.
Jimmy imagined a place where University City residents could catch up with friends over a cup of coffee or students could spend hours cramming for an exam, with healthy and delicious food at their fingertips. In conjunction with the GFG franchise, Jimmy’s dreams were actualized into the modern yet cozy Café known as Greek from Greece (“GFG”).
Since the Fall of 2021, GFG, has presented its customers with a glimpse of life in Plaka, Athens or of the port area of Thessaloniki, right here in Philadelphia. GFG’s patrons can decide whether to sit at the Café for hours to enjoy their fredo espresso or to indulge in a Nutella latte on the go.
Jimmy invites you to GFG to experience the leisure the Café has offers or to bring a small cup of his coffee into your bustling east coast life. The choice is yours!

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